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One-Minute Vacation: Culver Lake, NJ

We have been lucky enough to enjoy some special weekends at Culver Lake with the extended Turco clan – the family of our pal Louie, owner of our local Gowanus watering hole, Canal bar. (Or “Louis,” as his family calls him.)  I couldn’t help myself, I had to go a bit over on this one. Too much to choose from. I wish my camera work lived up to the quality of the soundtrack.


One-Minute Vacation: Neponsit, Queens

The weather has been so beautiful in New York this week, I convinced my friend to drive out to the beach for a quick swim in the ocean. Neponsit is a beach community in the Rockaways that is less crowded than the neighboring boardwalk beaches. The name means “the place between waters” – with the waters being the Atlantic Ocean and Jamaica Bay.


One-Minute Vacation: The Staten Island Ferry

As much as I like Gowanus, sometimes I need to get away. Feeling a bit stuck this summer, so I have to find creative ways to get some vacation-state-of-mind. After an appointment in downtown Manhattan, I stepped outside and noticed: 1) It was a beautiful day and 2) I was right near the Staten Island Ferry (which is free). Just the act of going for the ride brightened my day. Sea air! Wind in the hair! A busker! Wildlife! So I made this one-minute vacation for you.