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One-Minute Vacation: Culver Lake, NJ

We have been lucky enough to enjoy some special weekends at Culver Lake with the extended Turco clan – the family of our pal Louie, owner of our local Gowanus watering hole, Canal bar. (Or “Louis,” as his family calls him.)  I couldn’t help myself, I had to go a bit over on this one. Too much to choose from. I wish my camera work lived up to the quality of the soundtrack.


One-Minute Vacation: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Full Moon

Many people flee New York in the summer, but sometimes this is the best time to be here. It’s less crowded, it has a weirdly empty feel (unless you are in, say, Times Square).

There is a long-term development project to connect various Brooklyn waterfront parks. While I often visit the Brooklyn Bridge Park on my occasional jog, and I have been to the waterfront in Dumbo, I had not yet walked the entire stretch which has now been joined. This weekend, on the night of the full moon, Chris (husband) and I had the chance to do so. It was hopping. So much to do. So much to enjoy. This might have been the most exuberant energy I’ve encountered so far on my mini-vacays.

One-Minute Vacation: Neponsit, Queens

The weather has been so beautiful in New York this week, I convinced my friend to drive out to the beach for a quick swim in the ocean. Neponsit is a beach community in the Rockaways that is less crowded than the neighboring boardwalk beaches. The name means “the place between waters” – with the waters being the Atlantic Ocean and Jamaica Bay.