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Mapping Gowanus: Douglass b/w Bond and the Canal

After a brief hiatus, we are back with another entry in Mapping Gowanus.

Director and photographer Miska Draskoczy gives some background on his piece:

Douglass Street is the site of the recently reactivated Gowanus Flushing Tunnel which pumps water from the East River to the head of the canal in an effort to reduce stagnation and improve water quality. This new current stirs up quite a bit of gunk though, with putrid chemical slicks floating down and giving off nauseating fumes. My clip is a reflection on this somewhat questionable approach, as all water sources in the world are ultimately connected. The animation elements come from photos and video I shot on Douglass Street and nearby.

Check out more of Miska’s work (and if you aren’t familiar with his stunning Gowanus WIld photo series – you are in for a treat).