One-Minute Vacation: The Staten Island Ferry

As much as I like Gowanus, sometimes I need to get away. Feeling a bit stuck this summer, so I have to find creative ways to get some vacation-state-of-mind. After an appointment in downtown Manhattan, I stepped outside and noticed: 1) It was a beautiful day and 2) I was right near the Staten Island Ferry (which is free). Just the act of going for the ride brightened my day. Sea air! Wind in the hair! A busker! Wildlife! So I made this one-minute vacation for you.


Strolling Gowanus

When I first started this blog, I had no idea that the tagline I created, “blink and you’ll miss it,” would be so apropos.

Things have been changing so fast in the neighborhood. And in life; it’s hard to keep up.

I thought I’d share some recent pics from the neighborhood. And please do get in touch if you are interested in contributing to the Mapping Gowanus project here. Get your block assignment before it’s a glass condo.


The ironic advertisers have arrived.

the ironic advertisers have arrived.

vitamin water 2

mystery water

Urban geometry

the future is reflected

the beauty of age

signs of progress

OK, that’s it for today.